Young Artists Division (Under 8)

Ayansh (USA)

"Our ecosystem with diversity"

Biodiversity provides many goods and services essential to life on earth.The one health acknowledges the interconnection of human,animal and ecosystem health.

Junior Artists Division (Age 8-17)

Aisha (India)


I have drawn on biodiversity which is composed of animals, plants and insects. All are interdependent on one another. Trees provides us oxygen for respiration which is a basic need of all people and animals. Biodiversity is necessary and we must preserve it. We need to reduce deforestation, ban plastics, practice water conservation, care for animals, reduce fossil fuel emissions and more. In this way we can preserve biodiversity.

Adult Division (18+) - Visual Arts, Individual Submission

Sareh Tavakol (South Africa)

"Meet with an Anopheles mosquito"

Showing the life cycle of Malaria, how Anopheles mosquito plays an important role in transferring the disease.

Adult Division (18+) - Visual Arts, Group Submission

Annika Black and Sarah Dailey (USA)

"Biome Mandala"

In much the same way as colors blend from light to dark, various biomes interact and depend on each other to create their environment.

Adult Division (18+) - Performing Arts

Arnaz Raj (USA)

"Sasquatch Blues"

The Sasquatch is real, just misunderstood. This original song brings awareness to the wild soul of nature, always marching forward, uniting all living things.