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COVID-19 Lessons

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How to teach children about COVID-19 and One Health (and how to teach them online)

This free webinar (34 minutes) explains tips and reasons for teaching the COVID-19 lesson to various age groups.


COVID-19 Lesson Plan Teaching from Home

These online age-appropriate lessons are designed to alleviate anxiety over the COVID-19 pandemic through understanding the likely source of the virus, playing interactive games focused on mutations, reviewing ways people can stay healthy today, and understanding what scientists (of many different backgrounds) and every-day people can do today to ensure people’s health tomorrow.

You (the instructor) teach the lesson using an age-appropriate powerpoint presentation. To successfully use this lesson online, you need to use an online platform that permits:

  1. Screen sharing (all ages)
  2. Muting and unmuting participants (all ages)
  3. Chat box (for ages 8+)

Each lesson addresses multiple (U.S.) Next Generation Science Standards as well as 9 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Featured quote from a 10-year-old student during the COVID-19 One Health lesson in March, 2020: “Mutations are cool!”

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