The Passion behind
One Health Lessons

Meeting the global need. One classroom at a time.


The following individuals are elite One Health advocates who have dedicated at least 9 hours of training, focused on One Health communication and teaching. They commit their free-time to teaching new audiences in traditional and non-traditional classrooms about One Health in their communities. In addition, they instruct other local One Health advocates, using their first language, which then create more local Certified Lesson Leaders and, eventually, Ambassadors in their communities. This is important because these efforts not only improve the communication skills of local One Health advocates but also expand community awareness, appreciation, and encouragement of local One Health efforts.

If you want to be trained to become a Certified Lesson Leader, you can contact the Ambassador who is geographically closest to you:

Doris Ma* (United Kingdom)
Madison Burns** (United States)
Charles Adegbole*** (Nigeria)
Tajudeen Abdulkareem**** (Nigeria)
Adefolakunmi Adio-Yinusa (Hungary)
Saline Akoth (Kenya)
Ainhoa Bereziartua Aranzabal (Basque Country)
Paris Emmerson (United Kingdom)
Easrat Esha (Bangladesh)
Skylar Gay (United States)
Sarah Helmueller (United States)
Catarina Lavrador (Portugal)
Youstina Maklouf (Canada)
Precious Innocent Mastala (Malawi)
Mubeen Azeez (Nigeria)
Muhammad Abdullah (Pakistan)
Nimotallah Ademola (Nigeria)
Odion Patrick Okougbo (Nigeria)
Victoria Olatunji (Nigeria)
Zainab Omoniyi (Nigeria)
Mabel Ortiz de Leo (Mexico)
Rukayat Oyewole (Nigeria)
Alyssa Perez (United States)
Philippe Sessou (Benin)
Parimala Sharma (United States)
Aminu Shehu (Nigeria)
Bhima Thapa (Nepal)
Maryam Zakariya (Nigeria)

* = Founder of the Certified Lesson Leaders and Ambassadors Program
** = Coordinator of the Certified Lesson Leaders Program in 2023
***= Awarded One Health Lessons' Ambassador of the Year in 2021
****= Awarded One Health Lessons' Ambassador of the Year in 2022